Released in 2022.

Disco Dreams - Transparent

This collaboration with fellow artist [Sketch] was released in March of 2022 for his first music video, Transparent, now streaming on Youtube.


Release date - 10/22/21

This artwork is of his debut album. An Indie-Dance fusion that has many different feelings and emotions. From happy, upbeat melodic rhythms to dreamy goth like dance beats. You may just find yourself dancing along or getting lost in the psychedelic undertones. 

Disco Dreams has recently collaborated with a fellow artist [Sketch] in March of 2022 for his first music video, Transparent, now streaming on YouTube.

His next single will be out early summer of 2022.

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 Cryptic [K]night (7/8/22)

 "The Ohio based music producer loves creating genre-fluid dreamy music with strong psychedelic feel. His music finds perfect fit in both dance floors, as well as personal listening sessions. In both cases Disco Dreams  allows to transcend and finding enjoyment in the moment. Lush synth chords and slow percussion, the artists ethereal vocals and emotionally tender melodies come together and form some rather stunning electronic music, capable of both cherishing and filling the listener up with energy." - Jpgchief, Online blogger of independent music.



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