Disco Dreams was drawn to the otherworldly allure of electronic music from a young age. Being influenced from psychedelic melodies from all genres he embarked on a musical journey that sought to explore the depths of human emotion and existential questions through sonic experimentation. Disco Dream's debut album, Mystic Daze, was released independently in 2021. It's brooding atmospheres and beats that served as a visceral portal into the artist's psyche. After two years of honing the artist's skills and sound design he returns with his sophomore opus, ToX_XiN. This album delves even deeper into his sonic palette, weaving together pulsating synth, haunting vocals, and melodies that explore themes of love, loss, and the ever-present shadows of existence. 

Metallic Fuzz

Release Date:  11/25/2023

In the dark shadows of electronic music Disco Dreams creates his first single from his second studio album, Metallic Fuzz. Hauntingly beautiful sonic landscapes with an ethereal fusion of electronic beats, dark wave textures, and evocative lyricism. Metallic Fuzz is a testament to Disco Dreams evolution as a musician and a storyteller. It pushes the boundaries of dark electronic music while staying true to the genres essence. Inviting listeners to immerse themselves in a world where darkness and light intermingle.